Tailor-made furniture for restaurants and hotels

At Making-Of Studio, we like to cultivate this idea of authenticity and personalisation to create unique furniture. The aim is to meet the customer’s needs as closely as possible, while taking into account the operating constraints of the restaurant or hotel. If you’re still hesitating whether to call in an expert for a made-to-measure renovation tailored to the DNA of your establishment, this article will help you decide.

What are the benefits?

Adapt the dimension to the location

Adapting the dimensions of furniture to the location is an essential part of designing functional and ergonomic spaces. By intelligently optimising spaces, we not only increase productivity for our teams, but also create an atmosphere that promotes customer satisfaction. The dimensions of furniture are carefully thought out to ensure optimum flow, whether for staff or customers. This approach helps to create harmonious and efficient spaces, where each element finds its place strategically, enhancing the overall experience for users of the space.

Opting for personalised furniture offers a unique experience, shaped according to the customer’s preferences. At Making-Of Studio, the choice of materials and fabrics is meticulously guided by experts, guaranteeing robustness, durability and ease of maintenance. This approach ensures that the furniture blends in perfectly with the spirit of the place, helping to maintain visual harmony within the restaurant or hotel. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, Making-Of Studio’s customised furniture is designed to meet the specific needs of customers, creating more ergonomic and functional spaces. What’s more, by complying with M1/B1 standards, it ensures uncompromising adaptation to the site’s regulatory constraints.

Choosing personalised furniture

Stand out from the competition

Customising furniture with Making-Of Studio offers an exceptional opportunity to stand out from the competition. By opting for a unique creation, each piece of furniture is designed exclusively, avoiding any similarities with neighbouring establishments. This uniqueness becomes a powerful means of building customer loyalty, as furnishings and decorations play a crucial role in the overall customer experience within hotels and restaurants. By focusing on unique creations, Making-Of Studio offers establishments the opportunity to attract and retain their clientele, reinforcing their distinctive positioning in the market.

Investing in Making-Of Studio for the long term is a winning strategy for hotels and restaurants. By calling on experienced experts, customers benefit from furniture that is built to last, combining durability in practicality with timelessness in design. This approach guarantees not only long-term satisfaction, but also better value for money, thanks to personalised advice on the choice of materials aligned with each customer’s specific expectations. So, by investing wisely with Making-Of Studio, establishments can be sure of lasting quality and timeless aesthetics, helping to ensure that their investment lasts.

Investing on the long term

Some of Making-Of Studio's creations

The ultra-functional wardrobe

The ultra-functional wardrobe, designed by Making-Of Studio for the hospitality sector, has clear objectives to meet customer needs while optimising operational efficiency. Its first objective is to prevent guests from forgetting their belongings when they check out, providing a practical solution for them to collect and check their belongings. At the same time, the design aims to facilitate the work of cleaning teams, resulting in significant productivity gains. By adapting to space constraints in guest rooms, the ultra-functional wardrobe optimises the use of available floor space, meeting a triple requirement of functionality, practicality and efficiency for hotel establishments.

Le Baudelaire - Restaurant du Burgundy Paris 5 *

Making-Of Studio’s project to restore Le Baudelaire restaurant at the Burgundy Paris 5* was guided by clearly defined objectives to achieve a successful transformation. Emphasis was placed on the need for a more modern environment while preserving the original spirit of the place, creating a harmony between tradition and contemporaneity. Particular attention was paid to designing hard-wearing furniture to facilitate the day-to-day tasks of staff, thus contributing to efficient operational management. At the same time, the aim was to provide ultra-comfortable furniture, in line with the standards expected in an establishment of this calibre, offering an exceptional culinary experience in an aesthetically pleasing and functional setting.

Hôtel du Pont Vieux 3* in Carcassonne​

Making-Of Studio’s work at the 3* Hôtel du Pont Vieux in Carcassonne focused on specific objectives designed to set the establishment apart from its competitors. The focus was on personalising the furniture, with particular attention paid to the chairs, desks and headboards in the bedrooms. The aim was to adapt these elements to the specific character and ambience of the establishment, creating a unique and memorable experience for guests. This personalisation has enabled the Hôtel du Pont Vieux to stand out in a competitive market, offering a carefully thought-out décor in harmony with the establishment’s identity.

Bar Le Charles - Restaurant du Burgundy Paris 5 *

Making-Of Studio’s project at Bar Le Charles, a restaurant at the 5* Burgundy Paris, set ambitious goals for redefining the environment to suit the two types of clientele who frequent the establishment. The approach focused on creating a space that transcends the expectations of both regular and new customers. Particular attention was paid to creating a unique piece under the direction of Marco Del Re, a renowned professional in the field. This distinctive piece was designed to stand out and add an exclusive touch to the dining experience at Bar Le Charles, enhancing the restaurant’s reputation within the prestigious Burgundy Paris 5*.
We hope this article has informed you of the significant advantages of creating bespoke furniture for restaurants and hotels. We put our expertise and knowledge of the hospitality industry at your service, so that together we can design a project tailored to your establishment. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need recommendations or further advice for your project. Our experts will be happy to help you make the right decision.

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