Ultra-functional hotel cabinet

A mix of practicality and ingenuity creating a modern furniture. This is the ambitious project we took on. This cabinet will facilitate the daily life of the staff as well as the customers.


From a customer perspective:

  • Maximizing space in the hotel room
  • Design furniture that allows the client to easily store their belongings
  • Create a piece of furniture that blends in perfectly with the room

From a staff perspective:

  • Facilitate the cleaning of the rooms
  • Minimize the time dedicated to the management of lost objects
  • The layout of the cabinet allows for free movement

The challenge

  • Design of a cabinet for several uses
  • Reflection on the design of the furniture with the teams to facilitate their work and generate a gain in productivity
  • To meet the customer’s needs as best as possible


  • The cabinet offers 360° visibility on the client’s personal belongings.
  • This saves the guest the frustration of forgetting their belongings when leaving the room and avoids the hotel staff incurring shipping costs to send the forgotten item.

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