Designing furniture for restaurants and hotels: improving productivity and saving time for teams

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  • Designing furniture for restaurants and hotels: improving productivity and saving time for teams
Making-Of Studio’s DNA lies in improving the productivity of hotel and restaurant teams. By designing furniture that takes into account the day-to-day tasks of the work teams, we generate a proven gain in productivity. To help you understand what’s at stake here, we’ve put together a few tips from our past projects.

Our advice on hotel furniture

When designing hotel furniture, it is essential to combine aesthetics with functionality to create welcoming and practical spaces. Our advice is aimed at optimising furniture to increase productivity and facilitate the work of your teams. First of all, choose materials that are durable and easy to maintain, to ensure that your furniture lasts despite intensive use. Opt for modular designs that adapt to the changing needs of hotel spaces, offering essential flexibility. Finally, don’t forget the importance of comfort for guests and staff, by choosing ergonomic seating and well-organised workspaces. With this advice, we strive to transform furniture design into a vehicle for productivity and efficiency in restaurants and hotels.

Establish a regular dialogue with the hotel teams to understand their day-to-day activities. This close interaction will allow you to accurately identify their needs, creating a solid foundation for bespoke furniture design. By understanding the inner workings of their tasks, you’ll be able to maximise the operational efficiency of staff by simplifying their responsibilities.

However, bear in mind that furniture optimisation should not only meet the needs of staff, but also the high expectations of customers.

So incorporate both perspectives into the design, to ensure a harmonious hotel environment where operational efficiency and customer satisfaction coexist in a balanced way.

Talk to the hotel staff

Practicality first

Practicality takes the lead with our ultra-functional wardrobe concept. By providing 360° visibility of customers’ personal belongings, this revolutionary solution significantly minimises the number of personal items left behind in the first place. This innovation has a significant impact on the time employees spend managing forgotten items, offering an effective solution for optimising their daily tasks. What’s more, this pragmatic approach translates into a financial benefit for the hotel, while ease of room maintenance is improved, simplifying employees’ daily lives. With this focus on practicality, our ultra-functional wardrobe is more than just a storage solution. It represents a sound investment for hotels, offering increased operational efficiency and tangible financial benefits. By responding to the real needs of guests and staff, this practical approach creates harmony within the hotel, enhancing the overall guest experience while making the work of hotel staff easier.

Choosing the right material

Selecting the right material for our ultra-functional cabinet is a crucial decision that brings substantial benefits. By opting for materials that are easy to clean, we ensure not only day-to-day practicality, but also long-term durability. Ease of maintenance offers a considerable advantage in the hotel sector, where cleanliness and hygiene are priorities. What’s more, this approach helps to minimise maintenance costs and extend the useful life of furniture, offering a worthwhile investment for hotels. As well as practicality, the choice of material has deeper implications. Opting for quality materials ensures that furniture is exceptionally durable, which translates into a long-term solution for hotels. What’s more, by favouring modern materials, our ultra-functional wardrobe remains timeless, allowing hotels to stay at the cutting edge of modernity. However, it is essential to consider the customer’s budget in the selection process, ensuring a bespoke solution that combines quality and cost-efficiency.

Creating the illusion that the hotel is moving upmarket

The idea of giving the illusion that the hotel is moving upmarket is based on a meticulous selection of furniture and decoration. By choosing high-quality, modern elements, you offer a twofold advantage. On the one hand, it optimises your teams’ time, because quality furniture requires less maintenance and retains its aesthetic appearance over time. This translates into more efficient management of day-to-day operations, freeing up time to concentrate on other aspects of hospitality.

On the other hand, this thoughtful selection creates an atmosphere that transcends the simple functionality of the furniture. Guests, immersed in an environment where every detail exudes quality and modernity, will have the impression of occupying prestigious premises. In this way, the high-end aesthetic contributes to enhancing the overall perception of the establishment, offering a visual and sensory experience that stands out and leaves a memorable impression on customers.

Based on Making-Of Studio’s projects in the field of restaurant furniture, we’d like to share a few tips to guide hotel and restaurant professionals.

First of all, the layout of the furniture plays a crucial role in creating a welcoming and functional atmosphere. Based on our experience, we recommend adopting layouts that encourage conviviality while optimising space. Well positioned tables, ergonomic chairs and carefully placed decorative elements can transform a simple space into a memorable dining experience.

Another important tip stems from our expertise in designing furniture for restaurants: use durable and aesthetically pleasing materials. Choosing high-quality, easy-to-maintain and hard-wearing materials will extend the life of the furniture while ensuring a contemporary aesthetic. Drawing on our previous projects, we encourage restaurateurs to opt for materials that match their visual identity while providing a sustainable experience for their customers. This advice aims to guide professionals towards judicious and functional furniture choices, while offering an exceptional culinary experience to their customers.

Our advice for restaurant furniture

Taking account of employee feedback

Taking employee feedback into account means establishing open and ongoing communication with restaurant staff, with particular emphasis on their day-to-day feedback. It is essential to carefully observe the tasks they carry out on a regular basis, from cleaning rooms before and after service, to setting up tables, clearing away, and maintaining the premises during service. This requires a thorough understanding of the operational requirements of the staff, their needs in terms of tools and furniture, and how these aspects affect their productivity.

By factoring customer demand into this equation, particularly in terms of service quality, aesthetics and comfort, it becomes possible to design furniture that not only facilitates employees’ tasks, but also meets customer expectations. By listening carefully to employees’ experiences, we can identify where improvements are needed and design an optimal working environment, where employee satisfaction and service quality converge in harmony.

Selecting the right fabric or material

The carpet at the Burgundy Paris 5* restaurant

The carpet in the Burgundy Paris 5* restaurant was carefully chosen for its practicality and ease of maintenance. Opting for a non-soiling fabric, the aim was to simplify cleaning of the floor during and between services. This feature not only helps to keep areas clean, but also ensures a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for customers, while reducing operational constraints for staff.
The design choices for the chairs in the Burgundy Paris 5* restaurant have been meticulously thought through to optimise customer comfort and facilitate cleaning. By using leather for the backrests, the team sought to avoid fingerprints, while steel legs were favoured to withstand the frequent shocks during floor maintenance, minimising premature wear and tear. What’s more, the choice of a pleasant, comfortable fabric extends the customer experience, promoting a warm ambience and increasing the length of their stay in the restaurant.

Restaurant chairs at the Burgundy Paris 5*

Renovation of the Baudelaire restaurant in 2015

During the renovation of the Le Baudelaire restaurant in 2015, the selection of galaxy granite for the tables was motivated by several key criteria. As well as being easy to maintain, galaxy granite offers exceptional solidity and timeless elegance. Its pleasant-to-the-touch texture also adds a tactile dimension to the customer experience. This choice of material demonstrates a commitment to refined aesthetics, optimum durability and easy maintenance, ensuring a prestigious, long-lasting atmosphere in the restaurant.

Optimising the use of furniture

Saint-Trop folding chairs

Saint-Trop folding chairs have been designed to optimise their use and make maintenance easier for employees. One practical tip is to waterproof the furniture, allowing it to be quickly cleaned with soapy water, rinsed with clean water and then wiped dry. This approach not only ensures that the furniture remains clean at all times, but also simplifies maintenance tasks, offering a practical solution for outdoor spaces.

The chairs in the Burgundy Paris 5* restaurant have been designed to optimise their use. The height of the armrests has been carefully defined to discourage guests from placing their hands on the armrests, thereby reducing the amount of maintenance required by staff. In addition, the inclusion of removable cushions means that waiters can quickly replace the cover of a stained cushion during service, minimising interruptions and facilitating the day-to-day management of the furniture.

The renovation of Le Baudelaire restaurant in 2015 focused on the functionality of the furniture to facilitate organisation and improve service. Choosing furniture elements with built-in functionality maximises operational efficiency, offering a practical solution for staff and contributing to a seamless customer experience. Thinking about the functionality of the furniture was therefore at the heart of the design, promoting a pleasant and well-organised atmosphere in the restaurant.

The feeling of acquiring an extra star

By factoring customer requirements into the equation, particularly in terms of service quality, aesthetics and comfort, it is possible to design furniture that not only facilitates employees’ tasks, but also meets customer expectations. By listening carefully to employees’ experiences, we can identify where improvements are needed and design an optimal working environment, where employee satisfaction and service quality converge in harmony. By paying attention to decoration and choosing top-of-the-range furniture, your premises will gain in elegance and allure. In fact, investing in decorative elements and quality work tools will enable your teams to be more efficient, while delivering a customer experience worthy of the finest Michelin-starred restaurants. With this article, we hope we’ve shown you the importance of team feedback when designing furniture. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further recommendations or advice.

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