The latest trends in hotel decoration (lighting, fabrics, specific materials)

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  • The latest trends in hotel decoration (lighting, fabrics, specific materials)

The hotel industry is constantly evolving, seeking to offer unique and memorable experiences to its guests. Interior design plays a key role in creating these distinctive atmospheres. In this article, we explore in detail the latest trends in hotel interior design, with a particular focus on lighting, fabrics and the use of specific materials. Making-Of Studio is at the forefront of these trends, offering expert advice and innovative solutions to transform hotel spaces.

What are the latest trends in the hotel sector?

Current trends in hotel decoration are moving towards a more sophisticated and personalised approach, incorporating innovative elements to create unique spaces. Among these trends is a growing interest in new lighting designed specifically for luxury hotels. Artistic pendant lights, bespoke lamps and the integration of LED lighting into architectural elements are increasingly in demand.

When it comes to choosing fabrics for hotel furniture, the preference is for luxurious textures and bold patterns, while favouring durable and aesthetically pleasing solutions. For a high-end hotel with a high flow of visitors, hard-wearing, easy-care fabrics are essential.

For example, high-quality velvets, fabrics made from sustainable natural fibres such as linen or cotton, and innovative synthetic blends can be suitable choices. These textiles, carefully selected by Making-Of Studio, not only reflect elegance and refinement, but also ensure long-term durability, meeting the specific requirements of hotel establishments.

The integration of artistic elements into the decor, combined with personalised decorating advice, positions Making-Of Studio as an ideal partner for professionals looking to redefine the aesthetics of their luxury establishment.

Patio hôtel luminaire tendance

Innovative luminaires for your hotel establishment

Luminaires, beyond their utilitarian function, play a predominant role in the scenography of contemporary hotel spaces. Lighting design goes beyond ephemeral trends, favouring timeless elements that transcend passing fashions. Making-Of Studio, aware of the importance of this approach, sets itself apart by putting forward made-to-measure lighting creations.

These light fittings are designed with particular care to merge elegance and modernity while retaining a timeless quality. From artistic pendant lights to bespoke lamps and LED lighting integrated into architectural elements, each Making-Of Studio lighting creation is a functional touch of art, blending harmoniously into the overall aesthetic of the hotel space. This timeless approach ensures that the lighting decoration stands the test of time, guaranteeing an elegant, modern ambience that remains relevant over the years.

Discover our “Le deun luminaires showroom Paris” project.

Choosing fabrics that are both attractive and durable

The world of fabrics in the hotel sector is undergoing a marked evolution towards sumptuous textures and bold patterns. As part of this trend, hotels are turning to fabrics that are both aesthetically pleasing and durable, seeking a balance between visual elegance and resistance to everyday wear and tear.

Our team is a specialist in this approach. The fabrics we select not only reflect the unique style and identity of each establishment, but are also chosen for their long-term durability, thus meeting one of the expectations of the hospitality sector, which is to find sustainable solutions for the hotel industry. The fabrics offered by Making-Of Studio are designed to be easy to clean, responding to the need for frequent maintenance in hotel environments. In addition, they comply with fire classification standards, guaranteeing the safety and regulatory compliance required in the sector. This is a particularly important consideration for hotel rooms.

Couloir hôtel moquette au sol

As part of an exclusive project for Baudelaire restaurant, Making-Of Studio created an exceptional fusion of literature, decoration and couture. Imagine walking on Baudelaire’s authentic verses through a unique carpet that elegantly dresses the restaurant’s space. The poetic writings of the famous writer, specially selected from his letters to his mother, thus become a functional work of art, imbuing the gastronomic atmosphere of the establishment with a refined literary touch. It is in this symbiosis of literary richness and decorative aesthetic that Le Baudelaire transcends the boundaries between gastronomy, art and history, making each meal an immersive experience at the heart of timeless elegance and chic.

Every choice of fabric made by Making-Of Studio is part of a carefully considered approach, ensuring a perfect match with the aesthetic we are seeking to achieve, while meeting the practical requirements of the hotel environment. The integration of these elements is also in line with the growing demand for hotel interior design and the integration of art into hotel decoration, reinforcing Making-Of Studio’s position as a privileged partner for professionals seeking personalised decorating advice for their upmarket establishments.


The strategic use of specific materials

Specific materials are of paramount importance in designing a truly distinctive ambience. The current hotel décor scene is marked by a preference for the use of environmentally friendly materials, highlighting choices such as recycled wood and sustainable wall coverings.

This trend is part of a wider vision of sustainability and ecological responsibility, underlining the growing importance of an eco-responsible approach to contemporary hotel design. Our team of experts is fully committed to this dynamic, offering bespoke furniture solutions that not only follow the latest trends, but go beyond them by incorporating environmentally-friendly materials. This approach not only ensures a modern aesthetic in line with today’s expectations, but also guarantees a precise response to each customer’s specific needs. By opting for durable, timeless materials, we ensure that our creations remain elegant and relevant over the years, avoiding the rapid obsolescence associated with ephemeral trends.

The art of harmonisation

The emergence of the art of harmonisation represents a significant trend in the hotel industry, where every detail, from lighting fixtures to fabrics and specific materials, is meticulously chosen to create a coherent overall ambience.

This approach reflects a constant search for aesthetic unity, where each element contributes synergistically to the overall atmosphere of the space. We develop tailor-made concepts that adapt harmoniously to the specific identity of each establishment. Whether it’s a luxury beachfront hotel seeking to capture the refined essence of its location, or a boutique hotel nestled in the heart of the city aspiring to a modern, urban aesthetic, Making-Of Studio excels at creating spaces that transcend expectations. This ability to understand and integrate the unique spirit of each location ensures visual and sensory harmony, providing a memorable experience for guests of these establishments.

The latest decoration trends in the hotel industry reflect a constant search for originality and authenticity. Making-Of Studio, as an expert in interior design and collaborating with renowned designers such as Robert Clévier and engravers such as Marco Del Rey, is at the forefront, offering tailor-made solutions that combine aesthetics, durability and functionality. By adopting these trends, hotels can create unique and memorable spaces, offering their guests unforgettable experiences.

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