Our advice on choosing functional and efficient furniture for your hotel or restaurant

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Making-Of Studio has a number of projects to its credit in top-of-the-range establishments, and we’d like to give you a few pointers to help you choose furniture that combines practicality and efficiency for your hotels and restaurants.

We make quality furniture that satisfies both users and hotel and restaurant professionals. One of our core competencies is the design of specific furniture. It meets the needs of teams in the field, providing them with productivity gains and, consequently, a better service for customers.

Not sure which furniture to choose for your establishment? Here are a few tips.

Seat comfort

Many gourmet and even Michelin-starred restaurants seem to forget one of their priorities – the comfort of their customers. Neglecting the well-being of guests can damage the image of a prestigious restaurant. In our experience, many of them choose chairs whose comfort has not been studied beforehand. And yet, to enjoy a meal of such prestige, it is essential to have good posture and comfort throughout the tasting experience. It’s a safe bet that the majority of bookings made are for business or even family meals. These are moments of sharing that can sometimes last a few hours. Did you know that when customers are comfortable in their seats, they tend to consume more? We learned this from the catering manager of a Michelin-starred restaurant where the seats were worn and uncomfortable. The customer told us a very interesting fact: before the seats were changed, customers were leaving the table at 2.30pm. As soon as we renovated the seats, the tables were deserted from 3.30pm or even 4pm. In this sense, we understand that when customers are comfortably seated during the tasting, they tend to stay longer and consume more. That’s why it’s so important to choose seats that are adapted and comfortable for customers. In short, by focusing on the comfort and adaptability of your seats, you will increase customer satisfaction and, consequently, your sales.

Designing a comfortable seat

To ensure that customers sit comfortably in their seats, a number of factors need to be taken into account when designing the seating.
  • Ergonomics: the aim is to encourage variations in posture and to adjust the design of the seat to the average morphology of customers.
  • Functionality: the seat must be adaptable. To achieve this, it is strongly recommended that the cushion is tilted slightly backwards, from 9 to 12°. This allows customers to support their loins, which need to be supported throughout the meal. The feet also play a vital role, since opting for seats with rounded glides on the edges will make them much easier to slide on carpet and even tiles.
  • Regular use: when it comes to changing your furniture, it’s best to think in terms of the long term. The harder the foam, the less it will sag over time. So you need to pay close attention to the cushions and make sure they are made of the right materials.
  • Adaptability: to minimise the need for washing, it’s best to opt for reversible cushions with removable covers for longer use and easier maintenance. As they are prone to stains, if they are reversible they can be turned over during use and are cleanable. If stains can no longer be concealed, cushions with removable covers can be changed quickly and will save you considerable time (when renewing a restaurant should always allow for one or two extra cushions to replace damaged cushions).

Easy maintenance thanks to the design of the furniture

At Making-Of Studio, our furniture is manufactured by our specialist partners, whose expertise is second to none. Our mission is to find the right materials for our customers’ budgets. We pay particular attention to the choice of materials used to make your furniture, as they play a key role in determining its longevity. Every piece of furniture we make is designed to meet a particular need, whether it’s seating or more specific items such as cutlery trays, headboards or bedroom wardrobes. The materials and fabrics you choose for your furniture are important, because they will determine how long your furniture will last. The better the quality of the materials and the more appropriate they are for the location, the longer they will last. Our teams attach particular importance to this selection. Our aim is to make hard-wearing furniture that won’t wear out, taking into account the aesthetic appeal and strength of the chosen material, as well as your expectations and budget. To find out more, let’s take the example of this chair made especially for the Burgundy’s Restaurant le Baudelaire.

Every element has been designed not only to facilitate maintenance by the teams, but also to ensure longevity and undeniable comfort.

Let’s take a closer look at the details of this chair:

  • The legs are covered in steel studs to avoid everyday knocks and bumps, such as vacuuming, and to maintain a certain elegance. And don’t forget the Teflon glides, which make it easy to slide the seat over the carpet without forcing it.
  • The upper rear section of the seat has been designed in leather to reduce fingerprints from staff who are often required to help guests settle into their seats.
  • The armrests have been designed so that only the elbows can rest on them and not the hands.
By taking these few tips into account, you’ll be able to think more effectively about your choice of seating. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further recommendations or advice.

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