Renovating, refurbishing and fitting out hotels and restaurants: how does Making-Of Studio support its clients?

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  • Renovating, refurbishing and fitting out hotels and restaurants: how does Making-Of Studio support its clients?
Are you planning to redesign, renovate or fit out your hotel or restaurant? Here’s the working method we’ve developed that has proved its worth over the years. At Making-Of Studio, customer care is paramount! We do everything we can to ensure that our creations meet your expectations, because that’s what makes our job worthwhile. In this article, we’d like to share our working methods with you so that you can get a better idea of our services.

Step 1: The customer brief

Give full details of the request and the need

Designing bespoke furniture with Making-Of Studio begins with a comprehensive specification document, in which the customer clearly expresses their needs and expectations. This detailed document plays an essential role in the creation of personalised furniture that perfectly meets the customer’s specific requirements. It provides an in-depth understanding of aesthetic preferences, space constraints and functionality requirements. Thanks to this collaborative approach, Making-Of Studio can ensure that every piece of bespoke furniture designed and manufactured fully meets the customer’s expectations, offering a unique solution that is perfectly suited to its environment.

Find out the allocated budget

The process of designing bespoke furniture with Making-Of Studio begins with a crucial stage: evaluating and clarifying the client’s initial ideas. To do this, it is essential to discuss and exchange views on all the possibilities, whether to rule out certain ideas that might not meet the customer’s expectations or to integrate them into the final project. This stage also enables an accurate estimate to be made of the overall cost of the project, taking into account factors such as the choice of fabrics, materials and so on. In this way, by establishing an open dialogue and clearly defining the parameters of the project, Making-Of Studio can ensure a mutual understanding of objectives, leading to the creation of bespoke furniture that perfectly meets the customer’s needs, while staying within the agreed budget.

Step 2: Raising awareness of trends

It’s crucial to make our customers aware that they shouldn’t rely solely on the ephemeral trends conveyed by decorating magazines. These trends are often changeable and can quickly become obsolete, compromising the sustainability of the design. At Making-Of Studio, our approach goes beyond ephemeral trends. Drawing on our expertise, we encourage our customers to invest in solutions that are both avant-garde and timeless. By adopting this perspective, the made-to-measure furniture we design not only remains current, but also endures over time. So, by opting for our expertise, our customers benefit from a long-term investment, guaranteeing a timeless aesthetic that transcends the ephemeral whims of fashion.

Step 3: Making-Of Studio's recommendations

Our role at Making-Of Studio goes far beyond simply designing furniture. We use our expertise to guide our customers in their choice of materials and fabrics. The primary aim is to merge practicality and design, creating furniture that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We strive to recommend quality materials and fabrics that combine modernity and durability, offering not only immediate comfort but also a worthwhile investment in the long term. By working with Making-Of Studio, our customers benefit from personalised advice aimed at raising the standard of their establishment. Our ambition is to create an atmosphere where every guest feels that the establishment has earned an extra star, conveying an image of prestige and excellence.

Step 4: Taking account of employee constraints

At Making-Of Studio, we attach great importance to working closely with facility employees to optimise their daily lives. We engage in in-depth discussions to understand in detail the most time-consuming tasks within the facility. This approach enables us to determine the best choices of fabrics and materials, with the aim of generating significant time savings in furniture management and maintenance. Based on concrete feedback and needs from our teams, we design tailor-made solutions that not only simplify their tasks, but also contribute to greater operational efficiency. Employee satisfaction and time optimisation are an integral part of our approach to creating furniture that meets practical requirements while maintaining a high level of aesthetic quality.

Step 5: Customer feedback after intervention

Listening carefully to customer feedback is a crucial step in assessing the impact of a renovation or redesign. At Making-Of Studio, we attach great importance to this approach, questioning customers about their post-intervention experience. This approach enables us to gather valuable feedback on customer satisfaction, comfort and the effectiveness of the new facilities. This information is essential for adjusting and refining our future projects, ensuring that we are constantly adapting to changing needs and expectations. By valuing the voice of the customer, we ensure that every piece of bespoke furniture we create meets not only aesthetic criteria, but also practical and functional requirements, helping to create exceptional spaces that are appreciated by all.
We hope this article has shed some light on our working methods. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any recommendations or more sound advice for your project. We’ll be happy to put our expertise at your disposal.

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